Environmental impact of Durga Puja & FAQ

The negligence of the people affects the environment on an outsized scale. Materials that make and paint the statue of Mother Durga (like cement, plaster of Paris, plastic, toxic paint, etc.) cause pollution in local water sources. At the top of the festival, the celebration of the statue directly pollutes the river’s water. To scale back the impact of the environment on this festival, idols made from environment-friendly materials should be tried by all the artists, devotees shouldn’t immerse idols within the water of Ganges directly and no other safe to play this tradition the trail should be removed. Within the 20th century, the commercialization of Hindu festivals produced major environmental issues.

Frequently Asked Questions On Durga Puja

1) What is the origin of Durga Puja?


This festival’s origin isn’t clear, yet it’s said that a family in Kolkata started this celebration of Durga Puja in 1411 CE. Some also say that Kamsanarayan, a Bengali landlord, started the Durga Puja festival in the 16th century.

2) Which is that state in India famous for the celebration of Durga Puja?


West Bengal, especially the capital Kolkata is legendary for the celebration of Durga puja.

3) Why can we immerse Durga idols within the water on the tenth day?


We permit Goddess Durga to return to her home from her maternal home by immersing her in water.

4) What are the nine sorts of avatars of Goddess Durga?


Shailaputri, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Katyayani, Skandamata, Kaal Ratri, siddhidhatri, and Mahagauri are the nine avatars of Goddess Durga.

5) When and by whom was Durga Puja first started?


Durga Puja was started by wealthy landlords of the Malda region of West Bengal within the 16th century.

6) Which city is most famous for Durga Puja?


Calcutta or Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is legendary for its Durga Puja celebrations.

7) Which God or Goddess is worshipped on Durga Puja?


Goddess Durga is worshipped during the Durga Puja.

8) what’s the importance of Durga Puja?


The festival signifies the victory of excellent over evil and honors Durga for the slaying of Mahishasura.

9) Why was Maa Durga Created?


Mahisasur got extremely powerful after he received a boon from Lord Brahma that no man or god are going to be ready to kill him. Feeling invincible, he waged war against the whole clan of gods. He conquered Indralok and proceeded further. Every god was distressed and scared. it’s when Maa Durga was created by the gods of gods with their indomitable power. She was neither a person nor a god hence, she will kill the demon permanently. The buffalo demon wasn’t a simple opponent. The battle lasted for ten days and she or he finally killed the demon and freed the planet from evil.

10) Why is Durga Puja a Heritage of India?


Durga Puja may be a huge ritual that each man in India feels thrilled to celebrate. Every Indian, especially Bengalis, waits for a year. He waits for the puja time to arrive. regardless of his financial status, he finds ample happiness to celebrate this puja together with his relations. it’s become a celebration of all ages and genders. This puja earmarks how folk can enjoy the defeat of evil by the almighty Maa Durga. All we accumulate within the same place forgetting our differences to worship Maa Durga. this is often why Durga Puja is so important for the culture and heritage of India.

11) When do the Rituals of Durga Puja Start?


It all starts on the day of Mahalaya. it’s the primary day of Durga Puja when the idol draws the eyes of Maa Durga and her sons and daughters on the idol. She is amid her sons Ganesh and Kartik and her daughters, Lakshmi and Saraswati. ‘Pran Pratishthan’ is completed on the 7th day or ‘Saptami’. These different rituals are done across ten days and endways the day of Vijaya Dashami.

12) Why can we celebrate Durga Puja?


People believe that celebrating the Durga puja brings mental peace and happiness in life. Durga puja also encourages people to become successful over the complications which they face in their life. during this puja, people worship the goddess Durga to destroy the negative energy and thoughts around them. It also helps people to urge knowledge and prosperity and obtain far away from sin. This celebration not only features a religious impact but also forms a stage for traditional and communal conversation. during this puja, some people perform fast and chant mantras of goddess Durga in various ways.

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